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Alaris Holdings - via Dreamworld

Alaris Holdings Limited is a leading South African-based global radio frequency (RF) technology holding group committed to investing in and growing its portfolio of global RF related technology companies. The group provides customers with technologically advanced solutions and products focusing on defense technology, spectrum management, telecommunications and utilities. Alaris Holdings successfully operates on a global scale, with <90% of its revenue generated outside South Africa. 


The Alaris Group consists of Alaris Antennas, COJOT, mWAVE Industries, Alaris USA, Linwave Technology and Kuhne electronics. 


Headquartered in South Africa, Kemtek is a specialist supplier of high-quality business technology products to the commercial print, 3D print/additive manufacturing, barcoding/auto-id and labeling sectors. The products are sourced from the world’s leading and most innovative global manufacturing brands based largely in North America, Europe and Asia. Once shipped to South African shores, they are transported to Kemtek’s regional distribution hubs, under the auspices of its Cape Town, Durban, Gqeberha, Johannesburg and Tshwane branches.

Diamond Implements

Founded in 1974, Diamond Implements (DI) is a proudly South African-based company specialising in the supply of agricultural equipment. As market leaders in the feed mixer industry in Southern Africa, DI strives to manufacture and distribute high-quality, reliable and cost-effective machinery custom-built for Africa’s harsh weather conditions. Opportunities for growth and development have been identified in the public sectors of Africa and Australia with a focus on products such as feed mixers, manure spreaders, bail cutters and delivery silage boxes.

Vimana Tech

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Vimana Tech is a start-up company which is pushing technological boundaries around the globe, creating valuable solutions that are possible and seamless to use without extensive technical experience. Its primary goal is to see technology consumerised, without barriers to entry. Vimana Tech have created innovative technology solutions across a broad range of industries including AgTech and Retail AI. The Purple Hive Project is an AgTech initiative from Bega Cheese Limited, founded to protect Australia’s bee and honey industry from the destructive Varroa mite, while Retail AI involves the ethical use of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent theft in retail environments in real-time.

Samari Droughtmasters Pty Ltd

Samari Droughtmasters Pty Ltd is a Victoria-based Australian entity that owns one of the largest Droughtmaster cattle herds. The 120-strong herd are housed on a farm owned and run by Bill and Bec Hawkins, who are 25% company shareholders. The cattle possess the Glenlands genetics, meaning that ongoing input is obtained from Droughtmaster stud cattle breeder, Darren Childs. Any bulls sold on the Glenlands sales are split with Childs and Samari Droughtmasters on a 50/50 basis. Approximately 15% of the new bulls make it to the sale, while proceeds of cattle not sold on the Glenlands sale is 100% for Samari Droughtmasters.  

Indwe Aviation Pty Ltd

Based in George, South Africa, Indwe Aviation (Pty) Ltd is a private helicopter logistics company that was established in 2002. Falling under the Titan Helicopter Group, South Africa’s number one large helicopter group, Indwe has the expertise and infrastructure to provide a cost effective, world-class service to the aviation industry. With a diverse clientele including governments, parastatals, oil companies and relief aid agencies worldwide. Indwe provides offshore, onshore, charter and maintenance services. 

Since 2008, it has been the aviation services provider to PetroSA (South Africa’s State Petroleum Company). The services rendered by Indwe to PetroSA include transportation of people, equipment and cargo in terms of scheduled flights to and from the George airport to various installations offshore on a 24/7 basis. Martin Steenberg is a majority shareholder with 55%.