Our Mission

The Samari Group, is active in finance, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, property, aviation, communication, searchlights, gyro-stabilized camera systems and optical technologies.

The company was founded and is headed by Sakumzi ‘Saki’ Macozoma, a prominent South African businessman.

The company’s co-founders and directors are South African businessman Richard Chauke and Australian/South African businessman Marc Ber. 

The group focuses on strategic investments that benefit shareholders and companies alike. It works closely with stakeholders to ensure that value is created in the companies in which it invests. Samari’s complementary business activities, increasing global associations and long-term view are driving the company’s rapid growth.

Samari’s philosophy is trust, commitment and professionalism.

Sakumzi ‘Saki’ Macozoma

Marc Ber

Richard Chauke