Alaris Holdings

Alaris Holdings Limited is a leading global radio frequency (RF) technology holding group that invests in and grows a portfolio of global RF related technology companies. The group provides customers with technologically advanced solutions and products focusing on defense technology, radio frequency spectrum management, telecommunications, and utilities. Alaris Holdings successfully operates globally, with around 90% of its revenue generated internationally. 

The Alaris Group consists of Alaris Antennas, COJOT, mWAVE Industries, Alaris USA, Linwave Technology and Kuhne Electronics.

Brisbane Valley Holdings

Brisbane Valley Holdings is a protein production company with a hub that is being developed on more than 1,100 hectares at Coominya in Australia’s Brisbane Valley. It reliably produces commercial quantities of chickens, quails, pasture, and corn-fed beef. BVH grows RSPCA-accredited poultry and produces a high-welfare heritage chicken for the Australian food service sector. It also produces the world’s largest table quail, which graces the menus of some of the finest restaurants in Australia and Asia.

Diamond Implements

Founded in 1974, Diamond Implements (DI) is a South African-based company specialising in the manufacture and supply of agricultural equipment. As the market leader in the feed mixer industry, DI’s products are high-quality, reliable, cost-effective, and custom-built for Africa’s harsh weather conditions. DI is developing markets in the public sectors of Africa and Australia with a focus on products such as feed mixers, manure spreaders, bail cutters and delivery silage boxes.

Droughtmaster Cattle

The Samari Group, with a long-term vision of investing in the beef industry, has made substantial investments in the Droughtmaster breed. This investment spans across both stud level and a large-scale commercial breeding operation.

Our partners, Glenlands Australia, Considerata SA, and HC Pastoral, are third and fourth-generation farmers with a rich farming legacy dating back to the 1800s.

The Droughtmaster Breed originates from Queensland, Australia, the Droughtmaster breed of beef cattle is specifically developed to thrive in harsh and variable environments. The breed is highly valued for its:

  • Resistance to parasites and diseases
  • Heat tolerance
  • Ability to flourish in dry areas with limited food and water
  • Capacity to produce high-quality beef in challenging circumstances
  • The Droughtmaster combines all the functional and economical traits desired by Australian and African beef producers who prefer cattle developed from the Indicus mother line.

As Samari Droughtmaster, we are not just investing in the beef industry, with the Droughtmaster breed it allows for Ethically produced Environmentally Sustainable high value protein, which is in line with Samari’s core beliefs. 

Indwe Aviation

Based in George, South Africa, Indwe Aviation is a private helicopter logistics company established in 2002. Indwe has the expertise and infrastructure to provide a cost-effective, world-class service to the aviation industry. With a diverse clientele including governments, parastatals, oil companies and relief aid agencies worldwide. Indwe provides offshore, onshore, charter and maintenance services. 



Headquartered in South Africa, Kemtek is a specialist supplier of high-quality business technology products to the commercial print, 3D print/additive manufacturing, barcoding/auto-id and labeling sectors. The products are sourced from the world’s leading and most innovative global manufacturing brands based largely in North America, Europe and Asia.

NOW Finance

NOW Finance is a leading, Australian owned, non-bank, finance company that offers a wide range of simple, data-driven personal loan services, including car, student, boat, medical, travel and wedding. Its market-leading lending solutions are designed to help clients navigate the finance system and feel supported and empowered to make the right decisions. Based in Melbourne with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, NOW Finance services customers across all states and territories in Australia.

Trakka Systems

Founded in 1995, Trakka Systems has been a pioneer in providing Critical Vision Technologies for airborne, land, and maritime missions with manufacturing and service facilities in Australia, Sweden, and the United States.

Trakka’s cutting-edge products have gained global recognition and are embraced by military, law enforcement, and commercial organisations, supporting a myriad of missions and are tailored to the specific requirements of their customers.

The products are typically integrated into helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles and maritime vessels.


UNICOM is an Australian company focusing on specialised wireless communications solutions. From triggering an emergency call, to coordination in a control center to the transmission of alerts over a network to pagers, mobiles, and analogue/IP. Established in 1983, UNICOM has solutions and products for every critical messaging problem in any type of industry, both in Australia and worldwide. It offers reliable solutions in public and personal safety, health and aged care, energy, oil and gas and the industrial sector.

Vimana Tech

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Vimana Tech is pushing technological boundaries around the globe, creating valuable solutions that are easy to use without extensive technical experience. 

Vimana Tech has created innovative technology solutions across a broad range of industries including AgTech and Retail AI.  The Purple Hive Project is an AgTech initiative from Bega Cheese Limited, founded to protect Australia’s bee and honey industry from the destructive Varroa mite, while Retail AI involves the ethical use of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent theft in retail environments in real-time.

Wingate Portfolio of Companies

Wingate launched in 2004 with a vision to revive the old European family merchant banking tradition, based on personal investor relationships. This meant bringing an exceptionally measured approach to risk and to its investment strategies.

While Wingate initially focused primarily on M&A advisory work, the intention was always to create an investment platform. Within a few years, Wingate launched its fund management business and began investing in property debt transactions.

Orde Financial:


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