Alaris Holdings

Alaris Holdings Limited is a leading global radio frequency (RF) technology holding group that invests in and grows a portfolio of global RF related technology companies. The group provides customers with technologically advanced solutions and products focusing on defense technology, radio frequency spectrum management, telecommunications, and utilities. Alaris Holdings successfully operates globally, with around 90% of its revenue generated internationally. 

The Alaris Group consists of Alaris Antennas, COJOT, mWAVE Industries, Alaris USA, Linwave Technology and Kuhne Electronics.

Trakka Systems

Founded in 1995, Trakka Systems has been a pioneer in providing Critical Vision Technologies for airborne, land, and maritime missions with manufacturing and service facilities in Australia, Sweden, and the United States.

Trakka’s cutting-edge products have gained global recognition and are embraced by military, law enforcement, and commercial organisations, supporting a myriad of missions and are tailored to the specific requirements of their customers.

The products are typically integrated into helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles and maritime vessels.